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Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

Did you know nearly 90% of British households put up a Christmas tree? Also, real Christmas trees are as popular as they have ever been. Despite widespread belief, the facts actually point to artificial trees being less environmentally friendly than real trees! However, that’s a discussion for another day!

Nordmann Firs are a good choice as they have low drop needles and are seemingly the staple Christmas tree that most of us choose. Not quite so well known, but equally as attractive as the Nordmann and again with low drop needles is the Fraser. Grown in Scotland, they are deemed to be the best value for quality and height. Also, they have an attractive citrus like fragrance. Furthermore the branches are slightly upturned giving the tree a very special shape.

Themed Christmas Trees

So what about artificial Christmas trees? It is certainly easy to understand their appeal, particularly today when artificial trees look so real! No mess and some even come with the lights already fitted. The branches and needles look so realistic that it would be  difficult to tell the difference. Also they appeal because their shape is uniform without looking too rigid. Finally, the range of colours from green to gold to silver to red cater for individual colour themed decorations.

Surrounded by legend

Do you know the Christmas tree is surrounded by legend? Apparently, it all began in Devon during the 7th century when the Devon born monk, St Boniface, went to Germany to teach the word of God. He used the triangle shape of a fir tree to describe the Holy Trinity, although it was not until the 15th century that a decorated Christmas tree came out of Germany.

First known Christmas tree in England

In the early days, trees were decorated with apples, nuts, dates and paper flowers together with wax candles. In 1882 an associate of Thomas Edison invented the first tiny electric lights, which then became the fairy lights that now adorn Christmas trees.  The first known Christmas tree to go up in England was at the Queen’s Lodge in Windsor. This  was put up by the German born, Queen Charlotte in 1800.Happy Christmas!