Environmental Policy

Hambrooks specialise in the design, construction and maintenance of high quality gardens. In order to support the construction and maintenance teams Hambrooks has its own landscape yard, wholesale plant nursery and workshops.

The company’s key environmental considerations:
Legislative Compliance
Hambrooks is committed to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and applicable codes of practice.
Pollution Prevention

We will minimise our routine emissions and put procedures in place to contain any emergency situations.

Waste Management
 We aim to reduce, reuse and recycle as much of our waste materials as possible in order to minimise the amount sent to landfill.
Hambrooks will ensure, as far as possible that its suppliers conform to environmental best practice. The company will monitor its use of fuel and electricity and implement measures to reduce consumption.
Hambrooks will ensure that all of its staff are trained to appreciate the need to handle waste and resources in a responsible manner. More specific training will be provided for those who need it. The training requirements will be kept under constant review.
Continual Improvement
Hambrooks will monitor the effectiveness of this policy on a regular basis and make any changes that are necessary to keep the company at the forefront of environmental best practice.
Hambrooks seeks to carry out its operations with the minimal adverse impact on the environment and has set the following objectives for 2013. Specific targets will be set for water consumption on the nursery and we will explore ways to reduce our fuel consumption in order to address our CO2 emissions. Each of our waste streams will also have targets for reduction set against it.
Our progress against these targets will be regularly reviewed.
Fully committed
All employees and sub-contractors are expected to co-operate and assist in the implementation of this policy. The policy will be fully communicated to all relevant stakeholders.
The directors have overall responsibility for all environmental matters. The operation of this policy and the associated procedures will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they remain current and applicable to the company’s activities. This policy has been endorsed by the board of directors, which gives its full support to its implementation.
Norman Hambrook Managing Director