Garden Plans

With the use of garden plans we will find a design that is right for your outdoor space

You might ask yourself; Why have a garden plan? A garden plan is important because it will help you to visualise the dream garden you want designed. It will also help you to focus on what your want to achieve. Entertaining? A play area for your kids and pets? Or areas to entertain and relax?

There are many aspect to consider when thinking about redesigning or revamping your garden. Does your garden get lots of sun? Or is your garden mostly in the shade? Perhaps its a combination of both. Is it flat or sloping? Does it have access to water? These may seem like simple questions, but they are essential questions.

A well-designed garden will provide year-round colour and interest. We spend time with you getting to know exactly what you are hoping to achieve.  This time also helps us to understand the layout of your existing garden and any issues.  That is why garden plans are so important in the early stages of your new garden.

As an Award-winning landscape company we have created many garden plans. So let us help you choose the right plan for your garden.  This will give you access to our professional design team and expert horticulturists. Together they will create the perfect design for your outdoor space.

Simply call our Garden Design Team on 01489 779998 and one of our award-winning designers will arrange a Free site visit to discuss your ideas and produce your ideal garden plan.