snowdropsWe often speak about the flowers that herald the arrival of spring and yet what about snowdrops? This is the flower that is known to herald the end of winter. Although, this is the month we often see snow….. So really the name ‘snowdrops’ is very apt! Right now they are beginning to bloom in our borders and along the roadsides. What a welcome sight they are during these long dark and dull days!

Fair Maids of February

Yes, lovely snowdrops. They are more commonly called, most appropriately, the ‘Fair Maids of February’ or the ‘Flower of Hope’. With their grey green sword like leaves and drooping bell shaped snow white flowers they create a pretty display in our gardens.

In the cold and wet weather of February snowdrops push their way through the frozen earth to create swathes of white carpet in woodlands, meadows and gardens. Its Latin name ‘Galanthus nivalis’ means ‘milk flower’ and ‘nivalis’ meaning ‘of the snow’. If you want snowdrops in your garden next spring plant this coming April or early May.

Although this lovely plant naturalises very easily once established, it can be tricky in its early days. It requires a moist environment to truly thrive often preferring damp woods and shady gardens. so avoid planting where the soil might dry out over the summer. Need advice? Call our Garden Centre in Titchfield where one of our staff will help you.

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