September Garden

How does our September garden grow? As summer plants begin to fade, we often believe that once September arrives the colour will go from our gardens. This is far from true. There are many herbaceous plants that will grace our borders to take us well into the middle of October and even longer if Jack Frost stays away! Solidago or golden rod is a good back of the border plant with is tall stems and lance like leaves. It has deep yellow blooms, is draught tolerant and a great polinator. It also encourages migrating bees and butterflies to stay in the area.

Dense Flower Spikes

Another great late summer plant is the Agastache with its stems of dense flower spikes of lavender blue flowers and aromatic foliage. Again it is beloved of both butterflies and bees . It needs full sun and good drainage if you want it to bloom at its best.  Its name is derived from ‘aga’ which means much and ‘stachys’ which means many and this pertains to the abundance of its blooms. A striking and elegant plant for the mid border in your September Garden.

Tiny Daisies

Asters fill your borders with wonderful lilacs from lavender blue to white or hazy blue and will perform well if planted in full sun.  These masses of tiny daisies are a real treasure at this time of year and it is no wonder that aster means ‘star’ in Latin. Sedum grows with abundance all summer with its thick ‘cabbage’ like leaves and the mass of flower heads that are green then turn to a dark red colour as September approaches.  Once again it is a good pollinator.


Other herbaceous plants that bloom well into September are Achillea and Helenium or as its more commonly known, ‘sneezeweed’. If you would like some advice and help with your planting please call into our Garden Design & Landscape Centre in Titchfield. We are open 7 days a week and stock a wide and varied selection of plants, shrubs, specimen plants, mature plants and trees.

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