rosesRoses will carry on flowering until the first frost, and what a choice of colours. From the palest cream to the deepest red. Vibrant and versatile,  they will complement any style of garden, large or small. No wonder they are known as ‘Queen of the Garden’. So in celebration of the rose we are holding a Rose Festival during the month of June.

There are several activities taking place including the talented local artist Julie Tucker who is sketching roses on June 2nd and June 30th between 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm

Roses have been around for so long that no one is sure where they were first grown, although we do know that the Egyptians grew rose gardens in 3000BC.

Show of Blooms

Roses do not like being disturbed so carefully choose a spot, preferably where it gets some sun where you know you can leave them there permanently. As with most plants, roses are best planted in clumps or groups. So aim to plant at least three shrubs if you want to get a real show of blooms.

Additionally, your soil needs to be well drained and loamy if possible, as roses often struggle in heavy clay like soils.  Prepare your soil well by digging it over and digging in a good manure. Then add a fine dressing of super phosphate.   Finally, if the conditions are unsuitable to plant right now, please do not worry. Keep your roses in a cool dark place in their original containers and ensure you keep the soil slightly moist until you are able to plant them.roses

How to treat your roses

Contrary to popular belief, roses are not as difficult to look after as it is often portrayed. How you look after them creates much debate. The jury is out on whether you nurture them lovingly or leave them very much to their own devices. Strong argument abounds for both sides! You will have to decide yourself what works for you and your roses.

rosesYou can spray them during the summer months with a weak solution of washing up liquid to get rid of greenfly. Alternatively, plant marigolds, chives and lavender in nearby beds. Easy.

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