Summer Bedding

Did you know that over a third of what we spend on plants is on summer bedding? Annuals are an essential feature in our gardens. They fill gaps in our borders and fill our pots and planters with instant colour.

Vibrant Containers

And what a  vast colourful and diverse range of bedding plants is available today! It seems that with every passing year we have more and more choices. This leaves us with no excuse not to have our gardens looking colourful.  And how drab and empty our patios and terraces would be without our vibrant containers full of petunias and trailing lobelia.

The Geranium

Annual geraniums, not to be confused with the perennial geranium will flower all summer long.  Colours range from

white to pink to deepest red. They are such hardy plants and if you have a mind to you can keep the plants indoors over the winter, water to a minimum and replant again once the threat of frost has passed.  If you like daisies, there is the Shasta Daisy a hard working annual, which adds splashes of white and yellow throughout summer and the autumn. Or the Brachyscome daisy in striking lilac blue and contrasting yellow centres.

With such wonderful choices, is it no wonder we love our bedding plants so much? If you are not sure what to plant contact us

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