September Jobs

Get your garden back up to scratch after the hot summer with these key September jobs:

Clear fallen leaves and garden waste – If you haven’t done so already invest in a compost bin. This will give you a natural fertiliser as well as save you a trip to the tip.

Protect pots – Prevent your pots becoming waterlogged by placing them on feet to allow excess water drain away.

Repair or renew your lawn – Autumn is the perfect time to establish or grow a new lawn. Whether you decide to seed and feed or lay new turf now is the ideal time to do it so you will nave a soft, perfect spring lawn. Protect your lawn by increasing the height of your mower blades through the winter months.

Tidy hanging baskets and containers – Make sure you clean out your baskets and continue to feed and prune these plants as they could possibly continue to bloom for another month in milder areas.

Divide hercaceous perennials – Keep your plants healthy and increase your stock coverage.

Clean out your greenhouse – Get ready for sowing new seeds.

Place netting over your pond – Reduce the amount of dead leaves contaminating the water

Prune climbing roses – make sure they have finished flowering!

Plant spring bulbs – Daffodils, hyacinths or crocus will give beautiful colour come the spring.

Plan for spring – Sketch out your proposed flower beds so you will be one step ahead come spring!


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