Red & Gold

Want the red and gold colours of autumn in your garden?  There are a few trees and plants that really come up to the mark. One is Liquidambar or more commonly called the American sweet gum tree. However, do be careful because it does grow very large and tall so not for small gardens. 

Perfect time to Plant Trees

Now is the perfect time to plant trees. The soil is still warm from the summer months and with the recent rain just the right texture to dig in your new plants. Remember to also dig in plenty of manure or plant humus. If you need any help with choosing your trees and how to plant please do contact our horticultural specialists at Hambrooks of Titchfield.

Japanese Acer

It tends to be one of the last trees to change colour and still retains its leaves long after other trees are sporting bare branches so is good for late colour in the garden. If you do have a small garden you can plant a Japanese acer for the red and colours of autumn. Make sure you enjoy the colours while they last as the acer tends to drop its leaves very quickly! One day its displaying a wonder autumn colour and the next the leaves are all gone!

Food for local blackbirds

Virginia creeper turns a stunning deep red, although in opposition to Liquidamber it not only drops  its leaves early but also very quickly.  The common grapevine is great for covering fences and growing over arches or pergolas even if you have no intention of making your own wine! The leaves are lime green all summer and late autumn go through this process from a light to deep red with the veins in the leaves becoming prominent. Additionally, if you leave the ripened grapes they provide food for the local blackbirds. You do do need to plant in full sun. 

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