Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining

In recent years the concept of outdoor entertaining has really taken off.  And, we may be famous for our English gardens yet it was New Zealanders who first coined the expression ‘The Third Room’ when toutdoor entertainingalking about their gardens.  Who would have thought forty years ago we would one day be retreating outside to lie on sofas and day beds designed specifically for use in our gardens?

We spend more time in our gardens today

We are choosing to spend more time in our gardens.  In addition we are looking for ways to extend our living spaces beyond the four walls of our homes. This is also coupled with fact that many more of us are choosing to spend our holidays at home. With this recent mindset that rather than spending money on going away we want to spend more time in our homes and gardens,  the concept of what we use our gardens for is far beyond what we could ever have dreamt of in previous years.

Day Beds and Sofasoutdoor entertaining

With the use of covered areas, outdoor heaters and all year weatherproof furniture, outdoor sophisticated entertaining has become the byword for modern living. To match this, stylish and top quality garden furniture including loungers, chairs and dining tables are now commonplace purchases. Technology has made it possible to design large items such as sofas in durable lightweight materials. This allows you to move items about your garden with ease. Furthermore most have rustproof frames so you do not have to worry about our inclement weather conditions.

Pop-up Gazebos & Verandahs

We have even moved on from the pop up gazebos to more permanent covered areas with verandas making a comeback . Attractive gardens structures such as the highly useful and decorative tropical huts are popular. Here you can relax or use to entertain family and friends.  Most can be fitted with sides to create a cosier atmosphere for evenings, giving you extra protection against wind and rain or to serve as shelter on hot summer days.

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