Garden Pots

garden potsGarden pots that are big, bold and beautiful. Garden designers tend to lean towards this vision when asked to use pots and planters to create architectural interest to clients’ gardens. Ornate traditional planters made in the beautiful materials of marble, cast iron and lead have long been used in gardens. Although in their heyday, they sat proud and majestically on the gates of country houses or adorned large sweeping terraces.

Bright Summer Flowers

More often than not these planters remained empty, with their owners seemingly happy to allow the beauty of the material speak for itself. The effect of a beautifully made pot in the less expensive material of clay, and left empty can often make a bigger impact. There is a lesson here somewhere. Although pots and planters look great overflowing with the bright colours of summer flowers. Or used to show off a specimen plant.

Terracotta garden pots

The Egyptians were the first to make use of clay producing the humble flowerpot to move their plants about. Of course, in our more recent centuries, it is the Greeks who are more famous for their beautiful terracotta pots. And not least, the Cretans who have long used their local clay to make big pots to store grain, olives and olive oil.


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