Garden Irrigation

Garden Irrigation by our newest company, Hambrooks Gardenpower, offers a complete design and installation service for automatic watering systems and garden lighting schemes

If garden irrigation is properly designed and installed, it will conserve water and, if your property is on a water meter, may well save you money. The South of England is experiencing an increasingly Mediterranean climate with hosepipe bans and drought orders becoming commonplace during the summer. Even the winters are drier and our gardens are suffering as a result. Installing automatic irrigation removes the worry of trying to keep your garden, lawn, hanging baskets and patio plants in tip top condition, even when you’re away from home.
Hambrooks can also install water harvesting tanks. Even with several water butts placed around the house, we rarely capture all the available run-off from a downpour. And think of the ‘grey’ water we simply let drain away from our baths, sinks, showers, dishwashers and washing machines. By installing a large water harvesting tank in a suitable position, usually beneath the patio area close to the house, gallons of water can be stored, treated and used to flush lavatories or to irrigate your garden. Some water companies may also offer an incentive to householders who install this method of water conservation. Why not discuss this environmentally sound option with Hambrooks?

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Our advice is and so is an intitial site visit and quotation