Autumn Plants

Winter Flowering Trees

Autumn plants and autumn planting is upon us. Ornamental and fruit trees are ideal to plant now. Some ornamental trees are winter flowering varieties such as the Prunus Autumnalis Rosea. This has a pretty pink blossom that starts to bloom in late October and often flowers right up until March. As a bonus, its deciduous leaves provide beautiful autumnal colour. It will serve you well as a specimen tree in the middle of a lawn.

If you prefer an early spring flowering variety there is the Prunus avium ‘Kanzan’. This is one of the most popular of garden cherry trees and produces masses of the most stunning double-pink blossoms.

Autumn Bedding Plants

In addition, there is no need to believe just because autumn is approaching with her golds and bronzes, we cannot continue to see some lovely bright colours in our borders. By taking advantage of the wide range of winter bedding such as pansies, violas and the wonderful cyclamen, we can keep our gardens looking very cheerful throughout the autumn and winter months. You can plant up baskets and pots to place by your front door or entrance to your home. This will add some cheery hues when it is too cold to do more than just hurry from your car to your front door!

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