Autumn Gardens

At last we can tend to our Autumn Gardens ! After a long dry spell during the summer months the recent rain has finally softened the earth. This means the soil is easy to work with at the moment and at this time of year we need to think about tidying up our beds and borders, splitting plants and planting new plants and shrubs ready for next year.

In addition to new planting and splitting any overgrown perennials, especially those that are stampeding over smaller and less bold plants, you need to think about helping to increase your soil’s fertility by adding plenty of fertilizer, manure or a soil conditioner.

The Right Fertiliser

However, at this time of year it is very important to use the right fertilizers for our Autumn gardens. Treated farmyard manure is a great bulk soil conditioner, which is good for getting the microorganisms in your soil working. A course grade of bonemeal will slowly break down over the winter months and release nutrients to promote strong root growth. A seaweed based fertilizer is another good autumn and early winter slow release feed as it also has the added benefit of helping to reduce the effects of frost.

Daffodils and Tulips

It’s also time to plant your spring bulbs. In fact, you can plant tulips well into the New Year. Although its probably best not to wait that long as planting conditions often deteriorate as we go deeper into winter. If the temperature is harsh the ground will be too frost bound for any planting. Keep an eye on your holly trees because if they bear prolific show of berries, it is s strong indication the winter might be a tough one. In the meantime get planting! The best way to plant your bulbs, especially daffodils, is to grab a handful and just scatter them. Then plant them where they fall to avoid regimented lines and again add bonemeal as you plant.  As you dig into the soil remember before you know it their beautiful yellow heads will be popping up above ground.


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