Artificial Lawns

Artificial lawns have  come a long way since they first came on the scene in the mid 1960’s.  Today there is no comparison with what was available then or even what was available just three years ago. It is hard wearing and perfect for families who have children and pets. No more muddy footprints or paws! Even dogs can’t feel the difference!

Low Maintenance

There has been little rain so far this year, which means lawns everywhere are becoming parched and brown.  If you install an artificial lawn it means no longer having to worry about whether there will be a prolonged drought or even a hosepipe ban. More and more many of us like the thought of a lawn that stays green all year round with no mowing, now watering and very little maintenance.

Choice of Grades

One of the downsides of the earlier artificial lawn products is that its appearance was too perfect. Now you can buy turf that has ‘dead thatch’ and short brown blades mixed in with the green tufts to give it a more realistic look. You can also select different grades of artificial lawn. From a budget grade to a premium grade in different styles, colours, weights and piles. Most of all the blades are soft and natural looking and from a a distance its very difficult to tell the difference.

Feel first Hand

Although fairly simply to lay it does require careful preparation. You can call into our Garden Design & Landscape Centre in Titchfield to see first hand what artificial grass looks and feels like. We stock the well known Namgrass , a supplier of artificial lawns for three decades. After all, wouldn’t you prefer to be sitting on the lawn rather than mowing it?

artificial lawns

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